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Two Families Living Primitive Life in Southern Iran

Two families are leading a primitive life in dark caves on heights near the city of Andika in southern Iran, seeking to preserve the land of their ancestors.

They live in caves dug on heights some 70 years ago by Janjal Qassemi, the ancestor of the two families, as a shelter for living. Years later, the construction of a road leading to a local village came as a blow to the lives of locals living nearby.

Accordingly, the government forbade any new construction activity in order to protect the environment.

The two families, as the only survivors of their ancestors, continue to live like primitive men and try to preserve their forefathers’ land. They make their livelihoods through animal husbandry and hunting.

The equipment they have in the caves is sufficient to lead a simple life.

Andika is located in Khuzestan Province and literally means the land of wonderful mountains.

The following are images of the two families and their lifestyle, courtesy of IRNA.

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