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Turnip Soup: A tasty antibiotic recipe

Soup is known as a highly beneficial and nutritious food that helps the immune system build a strong barrier against the invasion of viruses and bacteria.

Soup is rich in nutrients and a variety of vitamins, so it boosts the body’s resistance to diseases. It also keeps us well hydrated.

With any vegetables you have at home, you can prepare a delicious and nutrient soup and guard against different diseases in winter. 

Turnips are one of the roots known as natural antibiotics.

It is important to know that turnips strengthen women’s uterus making them able to grow healthy and strong babies. Turnips calm and heal wounds quickly and are useful for strengthening the liver. Due to their high fiber content, they are a strong intestines cleanser. The calming properties of turnips make them a natural sleep-inducing food.

Turnips have powerful antioxidant properties and are rich in vitamin C. That’s why they prevent the formation of free radicals in the body. Meanwhile, the large amount of phosphorus in turnips is effective in strengthening your memory and nervous system.

Ingredients for turnip and carrot soup

1-Three to four cups of chicken or lamb stock

2-One finely chopped big carrot

3-One cup of rolled oats

4-One spoonful of rice

5-Tomato paste

6-Parsley and coriander 

7-A finely chopped tomato

8-Five half cooked turnips


10-Turmeric, salt and pepper

 How to make turnip soup:

First, pour the chicken or lamb stock with rice, carrots, rolled oats, potatoes and spices and a little oil into the pot and put it on low heat to cook.

When the ingredients are half cooked, add the turnips. Then wait for your soup to thicken.

Once your soup is thick enough, add the tomato paste, vermicelli and vegetables in order, and give it one more hour to cook well.

Once the soup is ready, you can add lemon juice and pepper and then serve it.

Bon appétit!

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