Monday, November 28, 2022

Trump’s Sneaky Visit to Iraq Disrespect for Its National Sovereignty: Iran

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has lashed out at US President Donald Trump for his recent visit to Iraq, describing it as an undiplomatic trip that disrespected Iraq’s national sovereignty.

“As Mr Trump himself said in his address to the US military in Iraq’s Ein al-Asad … he is now forced to visit one of the regional countries in a totally secret way, or in other words in a ‘sneaky’ manner, and with tightest protective-security measures,” Qassemi said in a Friday statement.

This comes despite Washington’s growing interferences in regional affairs, thousands of billions of dollars it wasted, and the heavy and irrecoverable price paid by American people for the US’ illegal and illegitimate presence in the region, particularly in Iraq, he added.

Qassemi stressed that the visit has sparked the criticism of experts, indifference of Iraqi officials, and opposition of the Iraqi nation.

The spokesman then severely criticized Trump’s meddlesome and opportunist remarks in Iraq and said “regional governments and nations will never allow aggressive and despicable outsiders to sow seeds of division among them.”

According to Qassemi, it was the vigilant nations of the region – not the rapacious US and its staunch support of terrorism – which managed to suppress terrorist groups created, equipped and financed by the US and the Zionism.

The regional nations routed terrorists by understanding the situation in the right time and synergizing their material and spiritual powers, he noted.

Qassemi said undoubtedly all regional states will soon come to the conclusion that their region’s stability and security will only be achieved by relying on their domestic, regional and international resources and capacities.

“Foreign forces, sooner or later, will also have to leave the whole region,” he added.

The spokesman said it is better for Trump to have a serious and multilateral review of the developments of the world and the West Asia from the time he took office up to now.

A review of what he has said, what has happened, and what may happen in the future will perhaps teach Trump the required lessons, Qassemi noted.

Trump made his unannounced visit to al-Asad Airbase in Iraq’s Anbar province on Thursday causing heated controversy in Iraqi political circles.

He also commented on the possibility of using Iraq as a base for the United States to launch military operations in Syria have further enraged Iraqi statesmen.

As announced by the office, Trump was supposed to have a meeting with Abdul-Mahdi, but the meeting was called off due to “differences over how it should be held, and both sides, in a phone conversation, discussed the situation, especially the circumstances following Washington’s announcement that it would withdraw its troops from Syria.

Trump’s Snap Visit to Iraq Triggers Controversy



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