Sunday, September 25, 2022

‘Trump Isolated by Own Party, Cabinet Members’

A top Iranian diplomat says Trump is left alone and extremely isolated as many of his Cabinet members are opposed to his policies.

Iran’s ambassador to Britain has denounced recent anti-Iran comments made by US President Donald Trump.

“Trump’s wrath against the IRGC (Islamic Revolution Guards Corps) cannot have any reason other than ISIS’s back-to-back defeats by the IRGC in the region,” said Hamid Baeidinejad in a post in his Instagram page.

“In a speech full of hatred and violence, Trump announced his new policy toward Iran,” Baeidinejad, a former member of the Iranian nuclear negotiating team, further noted.

Here are the highlights of what else he wrote on his Instagram page:

Surprisingly enough, Trump termed the “Iranian nation” as a terrorist one and revealed his animosity toward Iran and its glorious history by distorting the name of the “Persian Gulf” [and using the misnomer “The A*ra*bian Gulf’ instead], which even runs counter to the official position of the US government and military. This is the first time the head of a foreign state has described a nation as terrorist. By calling Iranians terrorists and using a fabricated name to refer to the “Persian Gulf,” Trump indubitably provoked Iranians’ hatred of himself, Iranians with any affiliation and mentality.

Moreover, Trump made the disgusting remarks at a time when his approval ratings have hit rock bottom in the nine months he has been in office as president, making him the weakest US president in the country’s history. An overwhelming majority of the people, media outlets, politicians, intellectuals and even his closest European allies are among his most outspoken critics. The US secretaries of state and defense as well as many of his Cabinet members and Republicans in Congress are opposed to his key policies, including his approach on the Iran nuclear deal [known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the JCPOA]. Trump is alone and extremely isolated.

The United States’ status in the region is the weakest it has ever been as the country is in a mode of retreat on all fronts. Despite all his rhetoric, Trump does not dare make a decision that would lead to a US military buildup in the Middle East. Washington has minimized its role in Iraq and Syria as well, and has handed over the scene to other key players.

Despite Trump’s rhetoric and sharp criticism of the Iran nuclear deal, he failed to put into effect his real intention, i.e., tear up and annul the JCPOA, and it was proven that the deal has a very robust foundation. As a result and contrary to his own previous policies, Trump called on Congress to reinforce the JCPOA taking into account the viewpoints of Washington’s allies!

Despite all the eloquence he tried to use in his statement, Trump failed to create the slightest rift between the Iranian government and nation. His stance will, incontrovertibly, make the Iranian government and nation more united in continuing to move on the path they have already set foot it.

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