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Tomato Soup of Hamadan; Delicious Iranian Dish

The tomato soup commonly cooked in the Iranian province of Hamadan is a must if you want to try a different cuisine.

The recipe for Hamadan’s tomato soup makes four to six servings. It has 1,800 kilocalories and will be prepared in 80 minutes.


Chicken or beef broth … 2 glasses

Pinto Beans … 100 gr

Lentils … 100 gr

Wheat bulgur … 100 gr

Broth vegetables (parsnip, mint, chives) … 1 kg

Average-size onions … 2

Oil … as much as required

Dried mint … 2 tablespoonfuls

Salt & pepper … as much as required

Hot green peppers …. As many as needed

Tomato Soup of Hamadan; Delicious Iranian DishRecipe

Time needed to mix and prepare the ingredients … 40 minutes

Time needed to cook the broth … 90 minutes

  1. Put the Pinto beans in cold water the night before and let them remain in water until morning. Then put that in a casserole and add the chicken or beef broth before putting it on mild-temperature fire. Let it remain on the oven until half cooked. In the meantime, chop the vegetables. Then wash the lentils and wheat bulgur before adding them to the broth. Then peel and cut them into long thin pieces. Sauté them in a separate pan.
  2. Add turmeric to the onions while they are being sautéd. Now, set aside some of the onion as garnish, add the rest to the broth. Then sauté the dried mint as well. Add half of it to the broth and keep the remaining half as garnish.
  3. Try the groceries inside the broth. If they are cooked well, add the salt and pepper. After one or two minutes, add the chopped vegetables.
  4. Put the tomatoes in a mixer or grate them by hand. After the vegetables are cooked, add the tomatoes and green peppers. Now turn down the flame and wait for half an hour for the broth to cook through.
  5. Then garnish the broth with sautéed onions and mint before serving it.
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