Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Tehran, Baku Move to Broaden Economic Ties

Senior presidential officials from the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan have expressed satisfaction with the growing economic cooperation between Tehran and Baku and have weighed plans for the expansion of bilateral relations and interaction in various fields.

In a telephone conversation on Tuesday evening, Chief of Staff of the Iranian president Mahmoud Vaezi and Hikmat Hajiev, head of the Foreign Policy Affairs Department of Azerbaijan’s Presidential Administration, called for the continuation of economic exchanges between the two neighbors in conformity with the health protocols, stressing that there is no obstacle to the enhancement of mutual cooperation.

In the conversation, the Iranian president’s chief of staff commended the Republic of Azerbaijan for its timely decision to convene an online summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Contact Group, adding, “The Republic of Azerbaijan, as the holder of the NAM presidency, not only did not allow the coronavirus outbreak to prevent the summit meeting, but also took a valuable step in coordinating collective action among the countries in the battle with the disease by choosing the issue of coronavirus as the main topic of the conference.”

Vaezi also expressed hope that the stances and solutions mooted in the NAM summit would help the countries to join hands to overcome such global challenge and stand against the parties that seek to take advantage of these problems.

He further expressed satisfaction with the growing trend in the cooperation and relations between Tehran and Baku regardless of the coronavirus outbreak, saying Iran hopes that the relations would continue to grow with a rapid pace.

For his part, Hajiev conveyed Azeri President Ilham Aliyev’s gratitude to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for participation in the online summit of the NAM Contact Group and for the topics of his speech in the conference, saying it would strengthen the Non-Aligned Movement.

The Republic of Azerbaijan attaches great significance to the promotion of cooperation with Iran in all fields, Hajiev added, noting that President Aliyev has made it clear for all Azeri authorities that the outbreak of coronavirus should not obstruct the growing trend in cooperation between Baku and Tehran.

He finally expressed hope that the two neighbors would strengthen economic and trade cooperation and exchanges by observing the health protocols and sharing the experiences in the battle with COVID-19.

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