Kermanshah Province

Purebred horse festival held in Iran’s Kermanshah Province

A purebred horse festival has been held in the western Iranian province of Kermanshah, with 100 horses from around the country joining the event.

IRGC member killed during operation to arrest suspect in west Iran

A member of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) is killed in clashes that erupted during the chase of a suspect in the western Iranian province of Kermanshah.

Iranian Official: 500 assault weapons, ammunition seized from rioters in Kermanshah

The governor of Kermanshah Province, in Iran’s west, says 500 assault weapons and ammunition have been discovered and confiscated during “recent riots.”

Raisi: Kermanshah Province has great economic capacities

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi says Iran’s western province of Kermanshah enjoys many capacities that can greatly contribute to the country’s economic sector, including in the fields of agriculture, tourism, and exports.

Iran tourism: Beautiful palm groves of Qasreshirin

Qasreshirin is the only area in Iran’s Kermanshah Province where palm trees are found.

Iran tourism: Halabeh, a pristine and beautiful region in Kermanshah

Chalabeh is inside the Bistun Protected Area and is at the foothill of Perav Mountain in the city of Kermanshah in western Iran. 

Clove-Nailed Apple: Remembering First Love in Kurdish Culture

In the Kurdish culture, when a boy and a girl fall in love, they pick the best and biggest apple at hand and, as Kurds would say, they make it Mikhak-Riz or Mikhak-Koub, that is nail it with cloves. They then give the apple as a present to the other party and this symbolises love.

Beautiful Tiling in Iran’s Moaven-ul-Molk Tekyeh

The Takieh of Moaven-ul-Molk in western Iranian city of Kermanshah is the country's finest Hosseinieh, a distinctively Shiite shrine where plays are acted out during the Islamic month of Muharram to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the third Shiite Imam.

Iran Begins Construction Work for Major Petrochemical Facility

Ground was broken on Saturday for the construction of a new petrochemical complex in the western Iranian province of Kermanshah with a total budget of $550 million.

Ancient Gold Antiquities Seized in Western Iran

Hundreds of antiquities dating back to over 2,300 years ago have been confiscated from smugglers of antique items in western Iran.

Iran Inaugurates Three Major Power, Water Projects

President Hassan Rouhani has launched three major power and water projects in Kermanshah, Ardabil, and East Azarbaijan provinces in western and north-western Iran.

Iran’s History in Photos: Ancient Temple of Anahita

The Temple of Anahita, an ancient monument dating back to the Parthian era (247 BCE – 224 CE), is the second stone building of Iran.

Shafe’i Mosque; A Gem of Architecture in Kermanshah

The Shafe’i grand mosque in Iran’s western city of Kermanshah highlights an elegant example of Islamic mosques inspired by the Ottoman architecture.

Several Miners Killed, Injured in Western Iran

One miner has suffocated from poisonous gas and six others have been injured in a mine in the city of Gilan Gharb in Kermanshah province, western Iran.

Iran Home to Attractive, Dreadful Caves for Tourists

A top caver describes Iran as one of the few places in the world with dreadful and beautiful caves, shedding more light on the main features of these mysterious attractions.

Antique Stone Inscription Found in Western Iran

A historical stone inscription probably dating back to the sixth century AH has been discovered in a historical site in Iran’s Kermanshah province.

Kulaneh Ash; Nutritious Broth from Iran’s Kermanshah

Kulaneh Ash is one of the traditional dishes of Kermanshah province in western Iran that is cooked on the occasion of the first tooth growth in children or in the cold season of the year to strengthen the body and prevent the cold.

Kermanshahi Shreds Stew: A Luxury Iranian Food

The Kermanshahi shreds stew is a local luxury food originally cooked in the western Iranian city of Kermanshah.

Iran Arrests ISIS, MKO, PJAK Elements over Riots

Members of notorious terrorist groups have been arrested in Western Iran for fueling unrest and vandalizing public property.

Satellite Images Lead to Discovery of ‘Roman Wall’ in Iran

Satellite images have helped archaeologists to discover the remains of a stone wall, with a length of about 71 miles (115 km) long, in Sarpol-e Zahab in western Iran.

Italians to Make Documentary about Kermanshah Historical Works

Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department of Iran’s Kermanshah Province has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Sapienza University of Rome to produce a documentary about ten historical monuments in the western Iranian province.

People in Western Iran Hold Midsummer Celebrations

The midsummer is a special day annually celebrated in many parts of Iran including in Zardui village in the city of Paveh in Kermanshah province, western Iran.

Laughter Therapy Becoming All the Rage in Iran

Laughter has long been believed to be the best medicine for all diseases, and is said to be a major contributor to the proper functioning of the human body.

Carrot Meatballs: A Yummy Iranian Food

Carrot meatballs also known as Kermanshahi meatballs are one of the various types of meatballs cooked in Iran and among the most delicious and nutritious ones.

Rouhani to Launch Largest Water Project in Western Iran

The first phase of Iran’s biggest water and land resources development project will be launched soon by President Hassan Rouhani in Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces, west of the country.

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