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Carrot Meatballs: A Yummy Iranian Food

Carrot meatballs also known as Kermanshahi meatballs are one of the various types of meatballs cooked in Iran and among the most delicious and nutritious ones.

The food is originally made in Kermanshah, a city in western Iran with tasty local foods.



Minced meat: 350gr

Salt and granules of black pepper: As much as needed

Grated carrot: 200gr

Grated Onion: One onion

Eggs: One egg

Turmeric powder: A quarter of a spoonful

Chopped parsley: 40gr

Wheat flour: 1 soupspoonful

Butter: 1 spoonful

Liquid oil: As much as needed

Walnut: 15gr

Barberry: 1 spoonful

Sultanas: 1 spoonful

Meatball sauce: as instructed



Knead the minced meat in a bowl with some salt. Then add carrot, onion, egg, black pepper and turmeric, and knead the mixture again, so that it becomes sticky. Finally, add parsley and knead it again.

Sauté the walnut, barberry and sultanas in some butter and oil for one to two minutes.

Grease the palm of your hand with some oil. Take some of the mixture (the size of a tangerine) and spread it on your palm. Put some walnut in the middle of it and then roll it into a meatball again. Put the meatballs, one by one, into the casserole containing the boiling sauce, so that the meatballs are completely covered by it. After ten minutes, turn down the heat, put the casserole lid back on, and leave the mixture on the heat for 30 minutes, so that meatballs are cooked and the sauce gets thick. Then take the meatballs out of the dish and serve them with the sauce.

Recipe for Meatball Sauce

Sauté a soupspoonful of wheat flour in hot oil and keep stirring it till its scent of rawness goes away. Then add half a teaspoonful of turmeric powder and sauté the mixture again. In another pan, sauté two soupspoonfuls of tomato paste on low heat. Then add it to the sautéd wheat along with three soupspoonfuls of shredded fried onions, two soupspoonfuls of fresh lime juice, a teaspoonful of sugar, some salt and crushed black pepper, two soupspoonfuls of saffron and around one and a half litres of water. Leave the mixture on heat till it begins to boil.

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