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The latest news and views about the Anti-Iranian sentiment, also known as Anti-Persian sentiment, Persophobia, or Iranophobia

‘Dress Code, Alcohol Ban Not Keeping Tourists from Visiting Iran’

The former head of Iran’s Tourism Organisation says the compulsory hijab and a ban on alcohol in Iran do not prevent foreign tourists from visiting Iran. “The tourists visit Iran, come hell or high water."

Iran Never Ceases to Amaze Foreign Visitors 

Iran has always surprised foreigners who visit the ancient country for the first time. Getting back to their country, the visitors share their experiences with their fellowmen.

Iran Lifts Visa Requirement for Chinese Tourists

The Iranian government has decided to unilaterally lift its visa regime for Chinese nationals in a bid to boost the number of tourists visiting the country despite the global anti-Iran propaganda.

Iran Is Safe, Beautiful: Marc Wilmots

Marc Wilmots, the new Belgian manager of Iran’s national football team, better known as Team Melli, describes Iran as a safe and beautiful country a few weeks after his arrival.

‘Younger Tourists Coming to Iran despite US Propaganda’

An Iranian tourism official says the age of cultural visitors to Iran, who used to be much older than now, has been decreasing recently despite the US’ efforts to spread Iranophobia around the world.

World’s View of Iran Is Wrong: Croat Football Player

Mario Budimir, a Croatian football player who plays for Iran’s Persepolis Football Club, says the world has a wrong view of Iran but Tehran can surprise any visitor.

‘US Warns Travel Agencies against Arranging Tours of Iran’

Some foreign diplomats in Iran have revealed that the US sanctions on Iran cover the country’s tourism industry as well, saying Washington has warned a number of foreign travel agencies and diplomatic missions against cooperating with the Islamic Republic in the tourism area.

Warsaw, Munich Summits Result in Further Isolation for US: Iran

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the US failure in pursuing its anti-Iran project in Warsaw and Munich conferences turned the two summits into “battlefields” for the US isolation.

Warsaw Final Statement Testifies to Its Defeat, Failure: Iran

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has reacted to the final statement of the Warsaw Conference, describing the document as a proof of the anti-Iran summit’s failure.

Number of Americans Visiting Iran on Rise

The number of American citizens who visited Iran as tourists in the first eight months of the current Persian calendar year has increased significantly compared with the similar period last year, an official says.