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Warsaw Final Statement Testifies to Its Defeat, Failure: Iran

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has reacted to the final statement of the Warsaw Conference, describing the document as a proof of the anti-Iran summit’s failure.

Despite Washington’s tremendous efforts to hold an all-inclusive summit and create a new alliance against the Islamic Republic of Iran, the small number and low level of those attending the conference turned the final statement of the summit into a useless document which was developed only by the two organizers of the summit and lacked any credibility, Qassemi said in a Friday statement.

Even those few and low-ranking participants refused to endorse any anti-Iran decision at the conference, which was a nonstarter from the beginning, he added.

From the early stages of its development, the failure of the idea of holding the summit was completely imaginable and predictable to all leading and wise visionaries, analysts and politicians of the world, Qassemi said.

“How can a conference titled Peace and Security in the Middle East gain success while main regional players like Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Palestine are absent and significant countries such as China, Russia and many other leading European and non-European states are either absent or represented at a very low level,” he asked.

The spokesman said the nervous and tense remarks and behaviours of the US secretary of state and vice-president who, during their speeches and interviews openly criticized Europe or insistently asked them, from a position of weakness, to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, are the best testimony to and a sign of their failure and incapability to achieve their desired goals in the summit.

The US, on the one hand, sponsors a conference on Peace and Security in the Middle East, and on the other hand, through its hypocritical policies and by unilaterally withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal in violation of all international laws, increases tension, conflict, support for terror, disagreement and hostility among regional nations, and promotes insecurity, instability, poverty, war and extremism, he noted.

He underlined that despite all hostile and belligerent policies by the US and the occupying regime of Israel, fight and resistance to create a secure and stable region free from the presence of foreign and aggressive powers will keep going on.

Qassemi said the US should immediately put an end to such a fruitless grudge by understanding the realities of this sensitive region of the world.

Speaking Thursday during the summit, US Vice President Mike Pence urged Washington’s European allies to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and accused them of trying to break the US sanctions against Tehran.

He said the financial mechanism known as INSTEX set up by the EU to facilitate trade with Iran was an effort to weaken US sanctions targeting the Islamic Republic.

The EU has repeatedly expressed support for the nuclear deal since US President Donald Trump declared the US would pull out in May last year.

Attended by delegations from 60 governments, the two-day summit which began in the Polish capital on Wednesday failed to produce any decisions against Iran.

Feeling the backlash days ahead of the conference, the US backed down from its initial announcement that the summit would be focused solely on Iran. To this end, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other American officials sought to broaden the scope to include other Middle East topics, including the conflicts in Syria and Yemen.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif described the two-day conference on Iran and the Middle East as “dead on arrival.”

Iran’s top diplomat said not even Washington believed the event provided the 60 participating countries with a serious opportunity to exchange their views on those topics.

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