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Iran-UK Relations

Iranian police make arrests to prevent a protest gathering against British embassy reopening

Iran’s police have arrested several people to prevent a protest rally against the reopening of the British embassy reopening.

A review of a failed plan to shut down the British embassy

A former Iranian MP has said we need to wait for objective progress in London’s behavior, arguing there are still misgivings in Iran about Britain’s change of policy and its future approaches.

Iranian embassy to reopen in London on Sunday

The reopening of the Iranian embassy in London will come at the same time as British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond visits Tehran to reopen the British embassy.

Hammond to reopen British Embassy in Tehran Sunday: Source

Foreign Secretary Hammond will be Britain’s first top diplomat to visit Iran in nearly 14 years.

UK eases travel advisory for Brits traveling to Iran

Risk to British nationals has changed, in part due to decreasing hostility under President Rouhani’s government, said British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

Rouhani urges P5+1 to abide by commitments in nuclear talks

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called on all members of the P5+1 group to work for the implementation of the measures on which all sides have reached a conclusion through nuclear negotiations.

British lord calls for reopening UK embassy in Tehran

A British MP has hoped that the nuclear agreement will help promote relations between Iran and the UK in every possible field.

Iran’s Zarif, UK’s Hammond meet in Brussels

Zarif and Hammond emphasized the significance of coming up with mutually-agreed solutions to the outstanding issues over Tehran’s nuclear program.

UK official says pursuing embassy reopening in Tehran

Douglas Alexander highlighted Iran’s significant role in the Middle East and the world, saying London is keen to cooperate with Tehran in different areas.

Iran ready to cooperate with Britain on reopening embassies: envoy

Iran and Britain have decided to restore diplomatic relations and are determined to do so, said an Iranian official.

London should take essential stride to broaden cooperation with Tehran: Boroujerdi

Boroujerdi expressed hope that London would take new strides in order to broaden the scope of cooperation between the two countries.

Zarif meets with British counterpart, Lebanese PM

Zarif and Hammond discussed the latest developments in the Iran nuclear negotiations process as well as the state of bilateral ties.

Nuclear talks failure will be a disaster: Straw

The majority of political figures in the UK favor an agreement with Iran and are not sensitive about the terminology used in the documents, said Jack Straw.

Iran MPs to visit UK to discuss embassy reopening

A delegation of Iranian parliamentarians is expected to head to the UK capital, London, in the near future for talks on full reopening of the British embassy in Tehran.

Reopening of British embassy; a game of ifs and buts

An Iranian MP says that the British embassy is likely to reopen by March 2015 amid ifs and buts surrounding the shaky relations between Tehran and London.

Iran has refuted the claim that it denied four British MPs a visit to Iran

Reports that Iran has stopped four British parliamentarians from paying a visit to Tehran are baseless.

Top cleric blasts Cameron anti-Iran remarks

Iran's top cleric has rejected as “sheer lies” recent anti-Iran remarks by British Prime Minister David Cameron at the UN General Assembly

Rouhani criticizes Cameron’s anti-Iran remarks

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has criticized anti-Iranian comments by British Prime Minister David Cameron at the United Nations, calling them “inappropriate and unacceptable.”

Iran MPs denounce UK Cameron’s allegations against Tehran

Iranian lawmakers have strongly condemned British prime minister’s recent allegations against the Islamic Republic in which he charged Iran with harboring terrorism.

UK: Iran part of solution to fight ISIL in Syria

Iran can help defeat the ISIL terrorists in Syria, British Prime Minister David Cameron has said following talks with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

UK’s Cameron likely to meet Rouhani in NYC

Britain's PM is likely to have a historic sit-down with Iran's Rouhani in New York.

Circumstances right to reopen UK embassy in Iran: Hague

British Foreign Secretary William Hague says "circumstances are right" for the reopening of Britain's embassy in Iran.

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