Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Iran-Qatar Relations

Iranian FM Discusses Qatar Crisis with Foreign Counterparts

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif conferred with many of his Asian and African counterparts on the ongoing rift between Doha and a number of Arab countries.

Military Attack on Qatar for Regime Change Not Impossible: Analyst

Leading Arab journalist and political analyst Abdel Bari Atwan says a decision by a number of Arab states to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar may herald new development in the Arab world.

Iran Ready to Boost Food Exports to Qatar

An Iranian official says the Islamic Republic is prepared to increase its food exports to Qatar after the recent rift between Doha and a number of Arab countries, which may influence Qatar’s food market.

“Rift with Qatar Result of Trump’s Sword Dance with Saudis”

An Iranian official says the rift between Qatar and some other Arab countries is the preliminary result of US President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia and his dance with the House of Saud.

Al Jazeera Removes Controversial Cartoon that Outraged Saudis

Saudi social media users were outraged after Qatar’s Al Jazeera channel posted a cartoon denigrating the Saudi king, but the cartoon was later removed in a move to prevent the deepening of a row between Qatar and fellow Persian Gulf Cooperation Council members.

Iran Calls for ‘Moderation, Wisdom’ in Ties between Mideast States

In a phone conversation with Emir of Qatar, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the Islamic Republic wants moderate and rational relations to prevail among regional states.

Who Will Rush to Stand by Qatar If War Breaks Out?

The escalating disagreement between Qatar on the one side, and Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt on the other side, confirms the rampant chaos and divisions that dominate the Arab region. The question is who will help Qatar in case of a war?

Iran Beats Qatar to Move A Step Closer to World Cup Finals

Team Melli (The Iranian national football team) took vital step towards Russia with World Cup qualifying win over Qatar on Thursday.

Iranian FM to Visit Qatar on Wednesday: Spokesman

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will leave Tehran for Doha on Wednesday afternoon to meet Qatari officials, the Foreign Ministry Spokesman announced.

Iran to Probe Allegations about Total’s Information Leak to Qatar

An Iranian lawmaker says the Parliament will investigate the veracity of allegations concerning French oil giant Total’s disclosure of secret data about Iran’s South Pars Gas Field to neighbouring Qatar.

Iran set to take over Qatar in gas output from shared field

Iran said on Friday that it will take over Qatar in production of natural gas from a key field that both share as it expects a significant rise in production from the field before March 2017.

Iran Poised to Catch Up with Qatar Gas Production by March 2017

Iran says its gas recovery from the supergiant South Pars gas field will catch up with that of Qatar before the end of the current Iranian calendar year which began on March 20.

Doha to Dump Gas in India

The price war, along with the share of the global oil market which has caused the current oil price slump, is now affecting the...

Iran Urges Stronger Ties with Qatar

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a congratulatory message to his new Qatari counterpart called for the expansion of relations between Tehran and Doha.

Iran urges ‘smart’ approaches to Mideast crises

The deputy foreign minister said Iran’s policy is based on expansion of relations with the Persian Gulf littoral states and called on Tehran and Doha to continue talks with aimed at improving ties.

Iran decries Saudi military intervention in Yemen

Iran’s deputy foreign minister said that the Saudi military intervention in Yemen is a strategic mistake and won’t help solve Yemen’s problems.

Iran ready for joint investment in Qatar

Visiting Qatari Minister of Economy and Commerce Sheikh Ahmad bin Jassim bin Mohammad al-Thani meets with Iranian officials, discussing bilateral ties and joint investment.

Iran urges collective efforts to fight terrorists

President Rouhani has urged regional nations to take collective measures to battle terrorists and stop the killing of Muslims.

Iran’s Bushehr Province, Qatar Become Economic Partners

Qatar and Iran's southern province of Bushehr penned an agreement for economic cooperation.

Qatar Keen to Consolidate Trade Ties with Iran

Qatari Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammad Bin Abdullah Bin Mutib al-Rumaihi underlined Doha's determination to utilize each and every capacity and potential to widen and deepen all-out ties, particularly trade exchanges, with Tehran.

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