Sunday, November 27, 2022

Iran Sends Five Planes of Food to Qatar: Official

Iran has dispatched several planes of food products to Qatar, which is short of food following a blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia and its Persian Gulf allies.

Iran has sent five planes of food exports to Qatar, an Iran Air official told AFP on Sunday, days after Persian Gulf countries cut off air and transport links to the emirate.

“So far five planes carrying perishable food items such as fruit and vegetables have been sent to Qatar,” Iran Air spokesman Shahrokh Noushabadi said.

Each of these planes carries around 90 tons of cargo, the Iranian official noted, adding that another plane will also be sent today.

Iran voiced its preparedness to provide Qatar with whatever food products the Arab country needs immediately after Saudi Arabia and a number of others broke off relations with Qatar, which relies heavily on importing food.

Back on June 5, the head of Iran’s Agricultural Products Exporters Union Reza Noorani said the Islamic Republic is ready to export various types of agricultural and food products to Qatar through three Iranian port cities.

Saudi Arabia has closed Qatar’s only land border, and Iran, as the closest country to Qatar, can export food products to the Arab country through a 12-hour shipping lane, he added.

Three Iranian ports of Bushehr, Bandar Abbas, and Bandar Lengeh are now ready to be used for the dispatch of Iranian products to Qatar, Noorani went on to say.

Many people in Qatar flocked to local supermarkets and grocery stores to stock up on food items after waking up to news of Saudi Arabia closing the country’s only land border.

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