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Ex-MP Warns Rouhani against Consequences of His Remarks

A former conservative lawmaker has warned President Hassan Rouhani against the probable dire consequencesof his recent remarks in stump speeches on the campaign trail, saying they will work to his detriment in the long-run.

Rouhani, Raisi Register to Run for Iran’s Presidency

The incumbent president, Hassan Rouhani, and his main rival from the conservative camp Ebrahim Raisi applied for Iran’s presidency on Friday.

Ebrahim Raeisi Officially Declares Presidential Bid

Described as the main rival of incumbent president Rouhani, the senior Iranian cleric Ebrahim Raeisi officially declared on Sunday that he will run for president in Iran’s May election.

Iran’s Conservatives Declare Their 5 Final Presidential Candidates

A recently-formed coalition of Iranian conservatives held its first plenum on Thursday (April 6) in which the candidacy of 21 conservative applicants for Iran’s May presidential election was put to the vote and 5 final candidates were selected.

“Candidates’ Election Costs Should Be Transparent to People”

An Iranian parliamentarian says the public should be informed of candidates’ election expenditure.

Reformists Warned against Struggle with Establishment

A reformist analyst has urged Iranian reformists to refrain from adopting aggressive approaches towards the Establishment, by redefining their relationship as well as their role and position with and within it, respectively.  

Iranian MP Warns against Efforts to Spoil Presidential Election’s Atmosphere

A senior reformist lawmaker has cautioned against efforts aimed at charging the atmosphere of Iran’s upcoming presidential election with dispiritedness and lethargy to prevent the continuation of a trend started in the country in 2013.

Iranian Conservatives Unlikely to Nominate Female Presidential Candidate

A senior Iranian conservative maintains that it is highly unlikely that the right-wing party will field a female candidate for Iran’s upcoming presidential election.

Conservative Figure Calls for Iran President’s Stronger Reaction to Trump

An Iranian conservative figure has asked Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani to give a stronger response to US President’s rudeness and impoliteness towards Iranian nationals.

Dos and Don’ts of Iranian Parties after Ayatollah Rafsanjani’s Death

Former Iranian president Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani had such a prominent role in Iran’s politics that his demise will have consequences for both reformists and conservatives in future.

Elections are the only means for power-sharing in Iran

What does the president mean by the second or domestic Barjam ? What requirements are needed for succeeding in domestic Barjam? What should the...

MP: Boycotting the press was an auspicious phenomenon

Tehran MP Ali Motahari has said that by boycotting the press exhibition the principlist media have acknowledged that protest and opposition are not off-limits in the Islamic Republic.

Parting of the ways: Has JCPOA divided principlists?

Political analysts say that the Iran nuclear deal has disunited principlists who are characteristically opposed to the way the eleventh government has handled nuclear talks.

Principlists win elections for Presiding Board of Tehran City Council

The victories of principlists come despite efforts earlier by reformists through multiple meetings with independent councilors to secure the chair of the council.

Will Ahmadinejad stand trial?

Proponents and opponents of former President Ahmadinejad seem to see eye to eye on one matter: his trial in a court of law.

Critics say reformist meeting failed to discuss issues of national importance

Critics say that a meeting of reformists only debated general issues, not those topics which are directly related to public and national interests.

The controversy a speech on the floor caused

Newspapers and MPs with different political leanings have reacted differently to Ali Motahari’s comments that sparked a brawl in parliament.

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