Friday, May 24, 2024

Specialist warns of parallel outburst of Covid, flu

As Iran is fighting to keep the receding numbers of the coronavirus cases and fatalities down, the simultaneous surge of Covid-19 and influenza in the fall and winter is likely, a top infectious diseases specialist says.

Dr. Hamid Emadi, in an interview with ISNA, noted that, contrary to the popular belief, Covid-19 has not ended, but it has become mild, stressing that the virus is still highly contagious.

He advised the Iranians, especially the elderly and those with underlying conditions, to abide by health protocols and get a booster shot of coronavirus vaccine as the virus can become lethal again in any possible mutation in the future.

“Every year, with the beginning of the cold season, we had a large number of respiratory diseases, including colds, influenza, etc. During the past two or three years, people were wearing masks due to the fear of Covid-19, so respiratory infections such as influenza did not spread, but this year, almost everyone has removed their masks,” he noted.

In recent days, Covid-19 fatalities in Iran have fallen to a single digit; however, officials have warned of new wave in the country, urging people to strictly follow the health guidelines.

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