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Source: 3 to 4 outstanding issues remain unresolved in Vienna talks

An informed source says there are between three to four outstanding issues that still need to be resolved during the negotiations in Vienna on a possible restoration of the 2015 nuclear deal, criticizing the US for dragging its feet on addressing the differences.

The source told Iran’s Tasnim News Agency on Thursday that at least three to four “main and subsidiary” issues remain unresolved during the negotiations between Iran and the P4+1 states in the Austrian capital.

He said “certain steps” had been taken with regards to Iran’s demand for a verification of sanctions removal by the US, “but the issue of guarantees, and especially the sanctions, are still important topics on the [negotiating] table. The Western side must take the necessary measures.”

The source complained that unlike Iran, which was quick to put forward initiatives at the start of the negotiations, the US has been delaying talks on settling these outstanding issues and is not ready to return to its commitments under the 2015 agreement, which Washington unilaterally abandoned more than three years ago.

“As declared before, Iran has already shown flexibility and the ball is in the court of the Westerners, particularly the Americans, to take the required decisions,” the source said.

The US has, however, launched a psychological and media campaign aimed at diverting attentions and playing a blame game instead of engaging in real negotiations, the source added.

Tehran has called for a removal of all American sanctions in a verifiable manner, demanding guarantees that the future US administrations will not try to kill the nuclear agreement again.

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