Friday, October 7, 2022

Scientists Generate Clean Energy Using Water Molecule

Iranian researchers have managed to produce clean energy and electricity through the use of H2 that exists in the water molecule.

Masoud Mirzaei Shahrabi, a faculty member of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and a leading researcher in chemistry, says today the issue of the environment is very important in the world and is a challenge in the years to come.

Therefore, he said, it’s better to focus on environmental protection. “As a result, we defined a project aimed at raising the efficiency of producing H2 gas from the water molecule,” added Mirzaei.

He further mentioned that at the moment, most researchers think of increasing the efficiency of the production of H2 gas from the water molecule. Therefore, many research projects have focused on this topic.

“Nowadays, the use of fossil fuels has created a lot of environmental and even hygienic problems for human societies. In addition, one day fossil fuels will be finished, so using clean and sustainable fuels is something inevitable.”

This Iranian researcher went on to say that the use of fossil fuels has been banned in cities such as Venice, due to the presence of statues and monuments. It shows that using fossil fuels is very harmful.

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It is sometimes said that the cost of producing H2 gas from the water molecule is high, but it must be mentioned that in order to protect the environment, there is no choice but to pay the cost of producing this gas as the fossil fuel reserves would be over one day, he added.

He highlighted that in the coming years, the production of this gas must be done more quickly because human beings need it.

“H2 as a clean gas is full of energy and can meet many human needs. In fact, due to the existence of kinetic energy in this gas, we can use it to generate heat and electricity. Of course, the molecule itself does not have the necessary properties for generating energy, but we use the kinetic energy stored in these gas molecules to obtain other energies such as thermal and electrical energy.”

In other words, he added. the water molecule is very stable, so breaking it is a very difficult task. Therefore, we need to design a catalytic converter to break this molecule and get the energy. We have been successful in doing this.

Today, the inflowing of various contaminants into water resources has become a problem, and this also has a great impact on the process of energy production from water molecules, so the higher the pollution, the lower the efficiency of the job, underlined Shahrabi.

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