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Russian Scholar Amazed by Enthusiasm of Bookworms in Iran

The Deputy Director for Academic Affairs at Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of Russian Academy of Sciences, who recently travelled to Iran to visit 31st Tehran International Book Fair, says she was surprised by the huge number of enthusiastic people visiting the exhibition.

Expressing her interest in Persian language and the positive experience of her first visit to the Tehran Book Fair, Oksana Vodneva said, “In other countries of the world, it is so hard to find such exhibitions, so I should congratulate the organizers of the exhibition.”

“I have travelled to this beautiful country many times, but this is the first time I come to attend Tehran Book Fair,” said Vodneva, according to a report by IBNA.

Comparing Tehran International Book Fair with exhibitions held in Russia, she said, “The degree of welcoming such cultural events is unparalleled in Iran. I was wondered by the diversity of visitors. Little kids come here and review the books. This is very interesting to me.”

Vodneva says she is somewhat familiar with Persian language.

Russian Scholar Amazed by Enthusiasm of Bookworms in Iran“I have heard this language being spoken since childhood. When I asked about it, they said this language is called Persian. I would like to be a child who knows Persian next to astronomy. I have to say I love Persian,” she noted.

“Most of the times, I look for Persian electronic books on the Internet. My visit to this exhibition gave me a great opportunity. If I could, I would have bought all the books in this exhibition. But unfortunately there is a 30kg luggage limit and I cannot take more than that.”

Referring to the collaboration of his organization with the National Library of Iran and the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communication, she said “these events are a good start for bilateral activities and research, which can be a great achievement for both countries.”

She also expressed hope that she would be able to attend the fair in the coming years.

The Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg, which is Europe’s largest collection of manuscripts, recently attended the 31st Tehran International Book Fair in collaboration with a number of publishers in the city of Saint-Petersburg.

The institute has exhibited 94 pieces of Iranian miniature and calligraphic works, which have recently been registered at the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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