Monday, July 15, 2024

Iran rejects NATO allegation over Ukraine war, as politically-motivated

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani, has dismissed the NATO allegation about Tehran's military assistance to Russia in the Ukraine war, as completely unfounded and politically charged.

Kanaani made the comments in reaction to a statement of the NATO summit in Washington.

Kanaani further said, “Unfortunately, what we are witnessing in Ukraine is the outcome of NATO’s provocative policies and moves with the United States at the center, and it is still ongoing.”

Meanwhile, the Iranian spokesperson said, “As we have announced time and again, any attempt to link the war in Ukraine to the bilateral cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia is an act with only biased political motivations, aimed at legitimizing the interference and continuing the Western arms supply to Ukraine.”

Kanaani stressed, “The Islamic Republic of Iran’s strategy has always been to play a constructive and stabilizing role in the path of establishing lasting security in the region and the world.”

He stressed Iran has never provided drones to Russia during the Ukraine war, adding it reiterates that the crisis should be resolved politically so a lasting peace would be established.

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