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Rouhani Hails Iranians for Observing Health Protocols on Qadr Nights

President of Iran Hassan Rouhani has commended the people and authorities for united action in the fight against COVID-19, saying such perfect accord, unlike in certain developed countries, has enabled Iran to reopen businesses and resume religious activities in compliance with the health protocols.

In a telephone conversation with Health Minister Saeed Namaki on Friday, President Rouhani said while the divided voices in a number of developed countries are still wrangling over the extension of restrictions or resumption of the normal activities following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Iran has managed to handle the situation in harmony.

Iran takes pride in the unanimity between the people and the officials which has helped the country to reopen the businesses in conformity with the health protocols, allow the performance of religious rituals during the Qadr nights with special considerations, and at the same time maintain the downward trend in the coronavirus infections, the president noted.

Paying tribute to the wise and noble Iranian people for strict observance of the health regulations in the religious ceremonies marking the ‘Nights of Destiny’ in the holy month of Ramadan, President Rouhani said such move was a milestone in the cooperation and harmony between the people and the authorities in the fight against coronavirus.

The president noted that such close cooperation from the people and the observance of the health instructions would make the health officials more hopeful about the next stages in controlling and containing the contagious disease in the country.

President Rouhani finally paid tribute to the clerics, religious authorities, custodians of the religious sites, and organizers of the Qadr night rituals for their wise, strict and responsible handling of the situation, expressing hope that the holy shrines and religious sites in the cities with places of pilgrimage would reopen as soon as those cities are categorized as white zones (coronavirus-free regions) in compliance with the health protocols.

The Health Minister, for his part, gave a report of the public gatherings on the Qadr nights and the instructions enforced to ensure the health of people.

Namaki also said the country is making a transition from handling of the coronavirus epidemic to controlling the contagion.

He finally expressed hope that constant compliance with the health protocols and the smart social distancing initiative will soon take Iran to the containment stage.

A couple of days ago, the Health Ministry allowed the religious sites in Iran to reopen while taking the necessary precautions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Muslim people of Iran hold vigils at three nights of Qadr in the month of Ramadan.

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