Friday, March 31, 2023

‘Rouhani’s Gov’t Not Qualified to Handle Iran Nuclear Case’

A leading conservative journalist has blamed President Rouhani’s administration for the ‘damages’ Iran sustained after the nuclear deal with world powers, urging that the responsibility for handling the nuclear case should be taken away from the government.

Hossein Shariatmadari, the editor-in-chief of the leading conservative newspaper Kayhan, says if the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers keeps going on with the current condition, Iran will sustain further losses.

In a Farsi interview with the Mizan News Agency, he said the government is not qualified enough to handle the nuclear case and added the case should be addressed by a council of leading experts and specialists.

Shariatmadari went on saying that over the past four years, the government has shown that it lacks the required skills to deal with the nuclear deal.

The government has just wasted most capacities as well as opportunities of the Islamic establishment without gaining any achievement, he added.

“The government claimed that the JCPOA is the product of a garden whose fruits are set to ripe later, but after four years we have come to find out that the fruits are rotten, and are inflicting damages on us,” he said.

If continued in this way, the JCPOA will inflict more damages on the Islamic Republic, he noted, adding that the handling of the nuclear case should be taken away from the government and given to a council of leading experts and specialists.

“Of course, some members of the government can be included in the council, but the council should not be led by the government because the government has proved over the past four years that it is not capable of handling the nuclear case. Once bitten, twice shy,” he noted.

Shariatmadari concluded that if the government is fair enough to review its record in the nuclear deal over the past four years, it will admit itself that it lacked enough capability to deal with the nuclear deal.

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