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“Resistance Front to Have Upper Hand in Possible War with Israel”

Iran's former ambassador to Syria says the Tel Aviv regime does not even dream of waging a war against resistance forces, but even if it starts such a war, the resistance front will have the upper hand against Israel.

Hossein Sheikholeslam, a former Iranian diplomat and a senior political commentator, in an interview with the Persian-language Tasnim News Agency, has weighed in on the latest developments regarding Palestine over the past year.

In his comments, the analyst described the defeat of the ISIS terrorist group as the most important event during the past year which saw the Palestine issue turn into the top priority of the Middle East region and the Muslim world. He also reviews the situation of the resistance front and the Israeli regime, which has lost its social base both at home and in the court of public opinion around the world. With that in mind, he believes the odds of a war breaking out are slim, and that the resistance front will prevail should any war erupt. He also believes the best way to tackle Trump’s relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to al-Quds would be for regional nations to remain on the scene and show reaction along with governments’ diplomatic measures. The highlights of his remarks follow.


Defeat of ISIS; Palestine Becoming Top-Priority Issue Again

Everyone believes that the most important event which occurred last year was the defeat of ISIS. Religious terrorism is gone, creating an opportunity to bring the issue of Palestine to the fore. It was a great achievement for the resistance front. The American created ISIS to wage an ideological war against us, but their plot failed.


Israeli Regime’s Support Bases in Europe Falling Apart

The second point to mention is the Zionist regime of Israel’s position in Europe. Settlement construction is the pillar of Tel Aviv’s development. The Israeli regime has eliminated trade tariffs between itself and Europe. The settlements built by Israel are different from those in other parts of the world. These settlements are supposed to create hope, bring prosperity upon the Israeli regime, absorb some Zionists or adventurous people from across the world and further consolidate support for the occupation of Palestine.

The settlements need security. Therefore, the settlers are armed, so that they can quench their thirst for savagery.

Now, European people regard the settlements constructed after the 1968 as illegal. Although the commodities of these settlements are cheaper that similar products elsewhere, European people insist that the goods should come with labels that show which settlement the commodities were produced in. So, they can refuse to buy the goods produced in settlements they consider illegal.


How Will Israeli Regime Be Destroyed?

The Zionist regime of Israel will be destroyed this way: The Zionists are propagating the idea that Iran seeks to develop state-of-the-art weapons and missiles, and produce bombs accordingly, to destroy the Israeli regime. But this is not the case at all. Neither can the Israeli regime be annihilated this way, nor do we have any intention of destroying the regime this way. We wouldn’t like the Israeli regime to exist because it is an oppressive regime. It is associated with aggression and occupation. However, the regime will be destroyed if it is ostracized by the world, and it WLL be ostracized by the world. We have produced missiles and we do have missile only to deter potential attacks on us by the Israeli regime. Our weapons are defensive and aimed at deterring enemies’ aggression.


Trump Going to Extremes

Trump’s illogical and irrational support for the Israeli regime, and the way he imposes his will on others, and his violation of UN Security Council resolutions, will scuttle all the negotiations in which the US was a guarantor. His moves such as the relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to al-Quds is a good opportunity to provoke the Islamic world and Muslims, prompting them to stand up to such aggression and bullying.


Oppression by Monarchial Arab Regimes in Mideast & Getting Closer to Israel

Repressive acts by monarchial Arab regimes in the region and their getting closer to Tel Aviv are beginning to assume a special meaning for regional nations. The same thing happened with the former despotic Shah of Iran and the Israeli regime. The Zionists are trying to enter the Arab world. The Arab world tells them that they may be able to enter the monarchial palaces, but can’t enter people’s homes. People in the Muslim world do not accept the Israeli regime. The axis of oppression made up of the US, hegemonic powers, the Israeli regime and Arab monarchies has turned into a problem for Europeans as well.


Defeat of Zionists in Iraq’s Kurdistan

Another thing that the Zionists wanted to make happen but failed to do so was to get Iraq disintegrated through a referendum. The Zionists want the region to be partitioned based on racial differences and ethnicity. They have an old plan for this, too. It is Bernard Lewis’ famous plan which maintains when the region is partitioned along racial and ethnic lines – and do not forget that Israel’s definition of Judaism is a racist one – such a division will justify the establishment of a Jewish country based on ethnicity. People in the region are resisting this Israeli plan, which amounts to a major failure for Tel Aviv in achieving its objectives.


Seeking to Replace Fight against Israel with Iranophobia

By exerting pressure on Iran as the main brains, backup and frontline of the resistance against global hegemony, they wanted to make Islamic nations oppose Iran rather than the Israeli regime. However, the plan failed given Trump’s policies, the issue of relocating the US embassy to al-Quds and the pressure put on the Egyptian nation.


Looking Inside Palestine

There have been several Intifadas inside Palestine each of which had a different function. Now, a new approach is unfolding in Palestine. The demonstrations being held regularly on Fridays can continue. The weekly protests can exhaust the Israeli regime.


Settling the Syria Crisis, Reinforcing Resistance Front

Another issue is Syria. The Syria crisis is moving toward a political solution. Syria has, in essence, been against the Israeli regime and in favour of Palestinians. One of the reasons behind this support is the occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights by Israel. The settlement of the Syria crisis can have a positive impact on the issue of Palestine.


Crushing Response to Israeli Regime

One of the issues in the spotlight nowadays is the Israeli regime’s excessive demands on its joint natural gas field with Lebanon. Accordingly, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah adopted an appropriate position in that regard, showing Hezbollah will use its military capabilities to safeguard the rights of Lebanon.


Popular Nature of Resistance amid Failed Western Democracies

The structure of the resistance front is more democratic than the structures of other sides such as the monarchical Saudi regime, the Israeli regime, the US and the like, or the Palestinian Self-Rule Authority, which has aligned itself with them. The Palestinian Self-Rule Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas is not a democratic one, unlike the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, which has remained democratic in the most difficult times.


Bullying Ideology vs. Democratic Ideology

There are two types of ideology which are standing against each other. The bullying ideology says pressure, sanctions and bullying are effective ways in dealing with those opposing you. However, the democratic ideology believes it is possible to achieve one’s goals through resistance.


Resistance Front’s Upper Hand

We have the upper hand; it is unlikely that the Zionist regime of Israel would even dream of waging a war. It may chant the slogan of war or make threats, but will not launch a war anywhere.


Israeli Regime’s Internal Situation

I believe radicals in the Israeli regime need to step aside because they have chanted a lot of extremist slogans, but not achieved much. Moreover, Netanyahu’s days are numbered, and he must go.


Compromise Plan Fails

The compromise theory and all its supporters have failed, and the Self-Rule Authority has lost its credibility among Palestinians because of the measures adopted by the Zionists and Trump. As a case in point, security cooperation has resulted in the martyrdom of Palestinians. Netanyahu’s radicalism is not compatible with the Self-Rule Authority’s weakness and humiliation. Netanyahu should change.


Ways of Countering Relocation of US Embassy to al-Quds

The best way is popular presence in the face of the Americans. We should provoke people to show reaction outside US embassies and institutions in Muslim countries. We should even urge Saudi officials to take a stance against this US move.

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