Friday, March 1, 2024

Red Tea Harvest Starts in Southern Iran

Sour or red tea used to be an imported product introduced to Iran mainly from Saudi Arabia, but in recent years it has been cultivated in some parts of Iran.

Hibiscus tea, also called “red tea” because of its red colour, can grow in tropical and subtropical regions. By cultivating this plant, water consumption can be decreased by 70 percent.

The plant grows up to three metres in height, and its first fruit is harvested three weeks after flowering. The only usable product of this plant is its flower sepals. In other words, sour tea is harvested after the flower falls, of course before getting dried.

This plant is prepared in the form of tea and is rich in iron, copper, citric acid and anthocyanin, which lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and eliminate liver and bile dysfunctions.

The harvest of this tea starts late October and continues until mid-November.

The following photos retrieved from IRNA show the harvest of red tea in Alwa region of Karun County, south of Iran:

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