Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Raisi: Govt. determined to solve domestic issues with planning

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi says his administration is determined to handle the problems grappling the country through a proper “planning,” regardless of all the commotion over its economic performance.

Raisi said some say there are not enough capabilities and facilities inside Iran to resolve the problems, but that is not true.

“We believe that given the iron will of the Iranian nation, especially our dear youth, there is no unsolvable problem in the country, and the solution to all issues also exists inside the country. This ideal is achievable,” he said.

Regardless of all the uproar, he said, “the administration is resolved to find solutions to domestic issues via planning and reliance on the capabilities existing at home.”

He defended his administration’s measures toward decreasing unemployment in the country.

Although the unemployment rate in the country stands at 8.2%, but at the same time, due to the revival of more than 3,000 production units in the country, the figure in some provinces has decreased to about 5%, Raisi said.

The remarks come amid renewed criticism of the Raisi administration’s economic policies, following his announcement of a cabinet reshuffle.

The Iranian economy, severely hit by US sanctions, has been grappling with sharp inflation and a drop in the value of national currency, rial, against the US dollar.

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