Sunday, June 16, 2024

Iran’s army releases first report on president’s helicopter crash, ruled out bullets on aircraft

The General Staff of Iran's Armed Forces has released the initial results of an investigation on a recent helicopter crash that led to the deaths of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his accompanying delegation on Sunday, ruling out any bullet sign on the crashed copter.

An investigation committee was set up after the tragic incident and deployed experts, specialists, and technicians to the site of the crash in a mountainous area in Iran’s northwestern East Azarbaijan province on Monday, the day the bodies of the victims were recovered.

The six-point report says, “The helicopter had remained on its preplanned course and had not deviated from the flight route.”

“The pilot of the crashed helicopter had communicated with the other two helicopters of the president’s convoy almost a minute and a half before the incident,” the report adds.

The probe confirms the helicopter caught fire after crashing into the mountain, adding no traces of bullets or similar items were detected on the wreckage of the copter.

The report also asserts no suspicious issue was raised in the communication between the flight crew and the control tower.

The report further stresses that a significant part of the documents related to the helicopter crash has been collected and more time is needed to review some parts and documents.

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