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President Raisi hails healthcare staff for their efforts in fighting Covid

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has hailed Iranian doctors and nurses for their efforts to contain the Coronavirus during the pandemic that plagued the country for over two years.

Speaking at a cabinet session on Wednesday, Presi9dent Raisi said the efforts of the doctors and nurses to fight the disease served as an example of bringing hope to society.

The president noted that the reopening of businesses and creation of vitality in the country became possible only thanks to people’s cooperation and the efforts of the healthcare staff, especially those who were martyred.

Raisi referred to the decrease in the number of Covid deaths and infections and the zero daily death toll, saying the efforts of the healthcare workers must be appreciated.

Earlier, Raisi had quoted the president of Gilan University of Medical Science as saying Basij volunteer forces were reaching the healthcare staff how to pacify people during the fight against the virus.

The head of Iran’s Nursing Association criticized him over the matter, urging the president to apologize to defenders of people’s health who made many sacrifices during the Covid pandemic. Covid-19 reached Iran over two years ago.

The disease killed hundreds of people daily during its peak. Many of the deaths were healthcare staff who had braved the danger from the potentially deadly disease to help with the fight to contain the pandemic.

Covid has killed over 141,000 people in Iran.

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