Pro-Establishment Rallies Held in Iran to Mark ‘Dey 9 Epic’

Many Iranian people across the country attended gatherings on Monday to mark the “epic of Dey 9”, a day in which millions of demonstrators held nation-wide rallies to pledge allegiance to the Islamic establishment in 2009.

The December 30, 2009 mass demonstrations were held in reaction to the post-election unrest.

The 2009 pro-government rallies took place in various Iranian cities, including Tehran, Shiraz, Arak, Qom and Isfahan.

The rallies were particularly held in response to the Ashura protests, where protesters on that day did acts including “applauding, whistling, and engaging in other cheerful displays,” which was viewed as violation of a “red line” and targeting Imam Hussein (PBUH) and Ashura commemoration itself.

The demonstrations and counter-demonstrations were connected to the disputed 2009 Iranian presidential election.

What follows are photos of the 2019 protests held across Iran:

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