Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tehran-based Principlist daily: Europe isolated itself by disinviting Iran, Russia from Munich conference

An Iranian daily said Europe chose to isolate itself by uninviting Iran and Russia from this year’s Munich Security Conference for the fear of facing the realities on the ground.

Kayhan Daily, which is close to the Principlists, wrote that an international conference, which has long been a platform for discussions on the world’s most important topics, is not a proper place for “symbolic politicking.”

It said disinviting Iran and Russia will deal a heavy blow not only to the international image of the conference, but also to the “culture of debate” in Germany.

The event, the daily said, had never been a one-sided discussion forum, but this year, it looks more like the gathering of one political party with the absence of Iran and Russia.

Russia was uninvited due the military campaign against Ukraine, and Iran over what’s termed as “suppression” of anti-government protests.

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