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Presidents of Iran, Nicaragua stress resistance against US pressure

Visiting Managua on the second leg of his tour of Latin America, President Ebrahim Raisi says the revolutions in Iran and Nicaragua stemmed from the two nations’ pursuit of independence, freedom and justice.

Speaking alongside President Daniel Ortega following an official welcoming ceremony, Raisi said the US tried to stop the Iranian nation with sanctions and threats, but the Iranians “not only did not stop, but made an opportunity out of threats and sanctions and made progress.”

He referred to the simultaneous victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the Nicaraguan Revolution and the mutual impact of these two revolutions, paying tribute to the national heroes of the struggle against imperialism in the two countries.

The president rejected the Westerners’ claims of advocating democracy and human rights as false, saying the Western states, especially Americans, should respect the systems that emerged from people’s votes, but they do the opposite.

He also described relations between Iran and Nicaragua as strategic, saying that Iran stands ready for the development relations between the two countries in all areas, especially in the field of science and technology.

For his part, Ortega said the revolutions in Iran and Nicaragua were strongly rooted in the struggle against the domineering powers, especially America, which has always attempted to impose its will on others.

The arrogant powers, he added, exert pressure on independent countries under the pretext of human rights and democracy, but “we still stand against them with strength.”

He paid homage to the two countries’ national heroes, especially Iran’s Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani who was assassinated by the US in 2020.

Raisi is visiting Nicaragua at the invitation of Ortega, following a trip to Venezuela. The regional tour will later take him to Cuba.

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