Monday, January 30, 2023

President Briefed on Iran’s Scientific Programs to Contain COVID-19

Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari has briefed President Hassan Rouhani on the latest scientific and academic plans to control and defeat the novel coronavirus which has been declared a pandemic by the WHO after reaching more than 100 countries.

Sorena Sattari said on Sunday that he has given the president a report on the measures and strategies of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology in the fight against the coronavirus.

He said the president has emphasized the necessity of advancing the scientific and technological projects to contain the coronavirus, developing the medical equipment and supplies by the domestic knowledge-based companies, and also synthesizing new medicines for clinical tests.

Sattari said the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education have established a joint scientific committee that has defined tens of joint research projects, the results of some of which will come out soon.

President Rouhani has stressed the need for efforts to discover the nature of the novel virus, its function and its effects on various people immediately, Sattari noted, calling for support for the knowledge-based companies and the researchers contributing to the battle with COVID-19.

He finally noted that the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology is formulating new medical protocols in coordination with the Health Ministry to control the coronavirus epidemic, saying a series of clinical studies have been also carried out under permission of the Health Ministry and in coordination with the ministry’s Medical Ethics Committee.

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