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Potash Complex: Dreamy Residence in Heart of Iran Deserts

Potash Complex of Khur in Isfahan province is one of the largest potash reserves in the Middle East. The complex is located in the salt deserts of Dasht-e Kavir, about 450 kilometers away from the city of Isfahan.

The complex has been established with the main goal of producing 50,000 tonnes of potassium chloride as fertilizer, 300,000 tonnes of sodium chloride for petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical uses and 30,000 tonnes of magnesium hydroxide.

A large mine close to the complex is among the main tourist attractions for Iranian and foreign visitors. Just during the current Iranian New Year holidays, the complex attracted about 2,000 tourists to the region.

The complex is capable of contributing to mining and health tourism. It can also attract the interested visitors in the Dasht-e Kavir. It includes the Village of Salt, Potash Park and Kamal-Abad Farm.

Potash Complex: Dreamy Residence in Heart of Iran DesertsJoy of Drinking Coffee by Salt Ponds

The complex, according to the organizers, seeks to promote mining tourism in the region. It is home to a salt cascade, which is 30 metres in height, and includes a handicrafts exhibition, an Ab Anbar (water reservoir), a number of recreational residential units and motels. Meanwhile, there are some farms, Nakhlestans (gardens of palm trees), a restaurant and a cafeteria, an observatory as well as a complex of pools, a track motorsports and an off-road track.

Kamal-Abad Farm with an area of 190 square metres includes 25 traditional homes as well as a number of farms and date gardens.

The complex is located 30 km away from Khur Biabanak, which has a population of about 20,000.

What follows are photos of the complex retrieved from various sources:

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