Friday, June 21, 2024

Political expert: Iran govt. should take resolutions seriously

An Iranian political expert says Iran’s diplomatic apparatus should take resolutions against Tehran seriously.

Speaking to Jamaran news website, Hassan Beheshtipour also said all these prepare the ground for the activation of the snapback mechanism, which means the reinstatement of the UN Security Council sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Beheshtipour advised the Iranian government to prevent foreign countries from intervening in Iran by managing the crisis.

He warned that the foreign countries are opening a case against Iran to justify intervention in the Islamic Republic.

The political expert noted that the problems of Iranians must be resolved by Iranians themselves as they know better than anyone how to do so.

Beheshtipour further spoke about the Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, JCPOA. He said the implementation of the agreement will not guarantee non-intervention by foreign countries because of the issues related to human rights.

He underlined that cases pertaining to human rights, nuclear issues, terrorism and destabilization are very important.

Beheshtipour said Iranian officials do not take such matters seriously and foreign countries jump on the issues quickly, which in turn adversely affect livelihoods, the economy, trade, security and all aspects of life in Iran.

He said no enemy dares to attack a united Iran but if the country is polarized and, God forbid, domestic conflicts start, this will provide foreign powers with a pretext to intervene in the Islamic Republic.

Beheshtipour said the US is awaiting the outcome of the unrest in Iran.

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