Police chief: Perpetrators behind terror attack in southeast Iran arrested

The perpetrators behind a terrorist attack on a police station in the town of Rask in southeastern Iranian Sistan-and-Baluchetan province have been apprehended.

“After the Rask incident, I promised dear Iranian people that we would take a terrible revenge on the terrorists, and now I’d like to announce that anti-terrorism police units have made considerable gains over the past few days,” said Iranian Police Chief Brigadier General Ahmadreza Radan on Sunday.

“The four main perpetrators behind the Rask incident were captured alive in a surprise operation, which dealt a mental blow and came as a shock to the dissident group,” added the top commander.

“They believed they were no longer on our intelligence radar,” he added.

An on-duty member of the Iranian police force was killed in a shootout with terrorists in Rask on January 10, 2024.

The terrorist secessionist group Jailsh-ul-Adl claimed responsibility for the raid.

In a similar incident, the police command center in Rask had come under attack days before.The terror attack left at least 11 dead and 8 wounded.

The group has been behind several terror attacks inside Iran that have left dozens of people killed and injured. Officials say Jailsh-ul-Adl enjoys support from the US and Israel.

The group’s operatives often sneak into Iran from neighboring Pakistan.

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