Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Probes show recent terror attack in southeast Iran supported by Western intel services

New details have emerged about the recent terrorist incident in the cities of Rask and Chabahar in southeastern Iranian Sistan and Baluchestan province, showing the attacks were supported by the western intelligence services, Fras News Agency reported.

According to Fars, investigations show 29 seasoned operational members of the terror group Jaish al-Adl carried out the criminal attacks, 18 of whom were killed by the Iranian forces.

Those members had been trained to conduct suicide operations after firing all of their bullets.

The terrorists were trying to carry out a large-scale massacre in the area similar to the one which happened in Russia by taking local citizens hostage and using them as human shields, Fars added.

Fars reported the equipment and bullet-proof vests used by the terrorists were modern ones, suggesting intelligence services of countries hostile to Iran were supporting them.

The weapons and bullets used in the operation had high destruction power and were modern ones similar to those used by terrorist groups operating under the auspices of western intelligence services.

Terrorists staged a multi-pronged attack in the cities of Rask and Chabahar early on Thursday.

After an hours-long conflict, the armed militants failed in their attempt to seize the strategic locations in the cities and had to flee.

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