Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Persian leopard spotted at protected area in western Iran for 1st time in over 2 years

A Persian leopard, a rare and endangered species, has been spotted for the first time in over two years at a protected reserve in Iran’s western province of Kermanshah.

Farshad Fattahi, a local environmental official, said the cameras installed in the area captured images of the leopard that was passing through the heights of the Bozin and Marakhil protected reserve in Paveh County.

It is probable that the leopard has a mate and cubs, he added.

He said in addition to Kermanshah Province, the Persian leopard has also been observed in Ilam and Kurdistan Provinces as well.

The Persian Leopard, the largest of leopard subspecies, face a threat of extinction.

Persian leopards face a variety of dangers, even inside protected reserves. Housing developments, livestock farming, hunting and trapping all threaten their existence.

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