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Persian Architecture in Photos: Atigh Grand Mosque of Shiraz

The Atigh Grand Mosque of Shiraz is one of the city’s oldest mosques, registered in the Iranian national heritage list in 1932.

The “Atigh” Grand- Jumu’ah, Adineh (Friday)- Mosque is located in the east of Shah Cheragh Mosque in Shiraz, Fars province, southern Iran.

Its building, the first historical core of Shiraz city, consists of a tall structure with several rooms and Shabestans [traditional large, underground spaces]. Some parts of the mosque have two floors.

This two-porch mosque has been built in 281 AH by the order of Amr ibn al-Layth, the Saffari ruler. Later in 752 AH, Shah Isshaq Inju, the Ilkhanid ruler of Fars, constructed a building in the middle of mosque, which is called Khoday-khaneh [house of God] or Dar-ol-Mossahhaf. It has been the place where the Holy Quran was kept and recited.

What follows are IRNA’s photos of the Atigh Grand Mosque of Shiraz:

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