Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Pakistan general: No communication gap between Iran, Pakistan militaries

The head of Pakistan’s Southern Command, Lieutenant General Sarfraz Ali, has said there is absolutely no communication gap between the armed forces of Iran and Pakistan, particularly between the border guards.

He told IRNA that the security situation of the border has improved considerably compared to the past.

Sarafraz Ali noted that no security incidents has been reported on the border areas recently thanks to stringent measures by both sides along the border.

The Pakistani army general said Iran and Pakistan have many commonalities, “We need to further improve our communication with the Iranian side”.

The head of Pakistan’s Southern Command stressed that Iran and Pakistan should always continue their cooperation and consultations and cross border movements should also continue through the border crossings.

The Pakistani general added that the improvement in the security situation has made it possible for both sides to boost mutual trade which also helps improve the lives of people living in border areas on both sides.

He said Pakistan will not tolerate any terrorist acts against Iran from Pakistani soil.

“I believe that Iran is our brother and we will immediately take action if they report illegal activity from our side against them and we expect Iran to also take action if we have any problems that emanate from their side”, he added.

The border between Iran and Pakistan is more than 800 kilometers long.

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