Oldest Iranian Woman Dies at 140

Gholi Papi, the oldest Iranian woman and perhaps the oldest human in the world, have passed away at 140.

Hailing from the western Lorestan province, she died on Monday in a retirement home in the city of Khorramabad.

“The late woman was from a tribe called Papi residing in Silakhor Plain in Dorud County,” said Morad Hossein Papi, known as the father of genealogy in Iran.

Based on her identity card, Ms Papi was 126 years old but it is estimated that she was about 140 years old before dying and belonged to at least five generations ago.

According to Morad Hossein Papi, the late woman didn’t bear any child after marriage and lived for a long time with her close family members before being taken to the retirement home in Khorramabad in 2014.

Oldest Iranian Woman Dies at 140
The identity card of Goli Papi, an Iranian woman from a tribe in Lorestan, shows she had been born on April 5, 1893; however, local geneologists say she was estimated to be 142 when she died on December 10, 2018.
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