Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Official: Iran Covid hospitalization cases hit lowest

A member of Iran’s National Taskforce for Fighting Covid-19 has said outpatient cases of the Omicron variant of the disease have sharply decreased.

Masoud Zali however urged people to observe health protocols during the Nowruz holidays and get fully vaccinated.

Zali said fortunately, most people coming to healthcare centers are non-Covid patients and at the same time, Covid hospitalizations have hit their lowest levels.

Zali added that those hospitalized at ICU wards are people who contracted Omicron previously or did not get vaccinated.

Zali meanwhile said the deaths happen among the patients who had serve Covid and their disease lasted for several weeks.

He said that’s the reason why the number of deaths is still 3–digit.

The member of the National Taskforce for Fighting Covid warned some people have yet to get fully vaccinated and these are the ones who could cause trouble.

Covid has so far killed over 139,000 people in Iran.

A nationwide vaccination campaign is still going on and has seen nearly 150 million doses of vaccine administered to citizens.

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