Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Number of red cities in Iran plummet as Covid abates

The Iranian Health Ministry has said the number of cities marked red in terms of Covid risk has decreased from 55 to 2 and that of orange cities has fallen to 48 from 84.

This is while the number of yellow cities has increased from 274 to 323 and blue ones from 35 to 75. Blue denotes the lowest level of risk from the Coronavirus.

Iran has already lifted some bans that had been put in place as part of an effort to contain a surge in the number of Covid deaths and infections.

The rise in the number of blue cities come amid a downward trend in Covid deaths and infections across Iran.

Despite the declining number of fatalities and new cases of the virus, Iranian officials, especially President Ebrahim Raisi have time and again warned people against relaxing health protocols too much because, they argue, this could cause Covid to resurge.

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