Tuesday, December 6, 2022

No Days Off at Iranian Nuclear Centers in Nowruz Holidays

The whole sites and centers of the Iranian nuclear industry are kept open during the new year’s holidays to provide uninterrupted support for the medical society amid the outbreak of coronavirus.

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran announced on Saturday that none of the country’s nuclear industry centers have been closed in the Nowruz holidays and are offering assistance to people, hospitals and medical centers uninterruptedly, considering the current circumstance in Iran and the need for closer cooperation and rapport for the battle with COVID-19.

All technical, specialized and service-providing sections of the nuclear industry are open during the Nowruz holidays, such as Iran’s Central Nuclear Research Complex of Yazd, Bushehr nuclear power plant, the Gamma Radiation Center, the heavy water producing complex in Khandab, the factories manufacturing new centrifuge machines, and the research units at the nuclear site of Natanz (Shahid Ahmadi Roshan Complex), the AEOI announced.

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran also said the activities to offer decent services to the Iranian people will be taken more seriously and with the employment of all forces and facilities during the holidays, describing it as a social duty and responsibility.

The AEOI is ready to receive reports from people through the Internet and its portal round the clock, it added.

Moreover, Iranian vice president and head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, has paid a visit to a company affiliated with the AEOI that uses Gamma radiation sterilization processes to sterilize disposable medical supplies, including the hospital gowns, gloves and face masks.

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