Newspapers Discuss Iran’s Response: Harsh Revenge or Strategic Patience?

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Sunday, November 29, 2020, and picked headlines from 18 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Iranian Newspapers

Abrar Newspaper:

1- Rouhani Blames Global Arrogance, Israel for Fakhrizadeh Assassination

2- Rai al-Youm: Fakhrizadeh Assassins Linked to CIA, Mossad


Afkar Newspaper:

1- Head of Assembly of Experts: Iran to Take Harsh Revenge


Aftab-e Yazd Newspaper:

1- Iran Leader Orders Punishment of Those Who Ordered, Executed Fakhrizadeh Assassination

2- International Legal Pursuit of Fakhrizadeh Assassination


Arman-e Melli Newspaper:

1- What Did Audiences Say about ‘Trap of Tension’?

2- Rouhani: Iran to Respond to Israel’s Warmongering


Ebtekar Newspaper:

1- Iran Leader Calls for Punishment of Those Behind Assassination

2- Widespread Reactions to Assassination of Fakhrizadeh: How Will Iran Respond?

* From Responding in Appropriate Time to National Solidarity

3- German Media Reveals US, Israel Role in Killing Iranian Scientist


Etemad Newspaper:

1- The Day After the Incident

* A Review of Assassination Operation and the Way Terrorists Arrived in Absard

2- Iran Unanimously Condemns Assassination, Calls It Blatant Violation of Int’l Law


Ettela’at Newspaper:

1- Definite Punishment of Perpetrators While Continuing His Scientific Work


Iran Newspaper:

1- Timely Response: Iran Unanimous against Killing of Fakhrizadeh


Javan Newspaper:

1- Leader Orders Punishment of Those Who Ordered, Executed Assassination


Jomhouri Eslami Newspaper:

1- Fakhrizadeh Family: His Path Will Be Continued


Kayhan Newspaper:

1- Assassination of Fakhrizadeh Won’t Stop His Unique Achievements

2- Europe’s Shamelessly Calls for Restraint against State Terrorism!


Mardom Salari Newspaper:

1- Netanyahu-Trump Joint Madness in Absard Terror

2- Fakhrizadeh Built Infrastructure of Iran’s Nuclear Defence in Best Way Possible: AEOI

3- Iran’s Envoy to London: Fakhrizadeh Killing Violation of Int’l Law


Resalat Newspaper:

1- Iran’s Patience Getting Over: Countdown for Revenge Season


Setareh Sobh Newspaper:

1- Wave of Condemnation and Protest against Killing Nuclear Scientist


Shahrvand Newspaper:

1- Revenge in Due Time, Continuing Path of Martyr


Shargh Newspaper:

1- Rouhani: We’ll Respond in Appropriate Time

2- Raisi: Fakhrizadeh and People Like Him ‘Heroes of Iran’s Progress’

3- EU Slams Assassination of Fakhrizadeh as ‘Criminal Act’


Sobh-e Emrooz Newspaper:

1- Harsh Revenge or Strategic Patience?
* How Will Iran Respond to Assassination of Nuclear Scientist?


Vatan-e Emrooz Newspaper:

1- Agenda: Punishment

Fatemeh Askarieh is an Iranian journalist working on a range of fields including culture, art, lifestyle, cultural heritage, and tourism. She has been working with the Iran Front Page (IFP) Media Group for 10 years, and is currently the head of the Art and Lifestyle Department.


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