Friday, October 7, 2022

Newly-Developed Dressing Accelerates Wound Treatment

Iran has turned into one of the few countries in the world that can produce dressings resembling human skin to a great extent.

One way to heal wounds is by using dressing. Today, various dressings with special features are used for different wounds. In some cases, these high-tech bandages are not manufactured in any country, but on the other hand, some of these bandages are very expensive, so it is not possible to buy these dressings for any disease.

Now an Iranian knowledge-based company has managed to produce dressings called “Tebaderm Matrix Collagen Mattress Dressing”, which resemble human skin to a great extent, and accelerate the wound treatment.

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Mahmoud Qafqazi, CEO of the company, said the advanced bandage with a resemblance to the human skin accelerates wound treatment by the biopolymers used in its structure such as collagen.

“The use of biodegradable and biocompatible natural polymers similar to the extracellular matrix through stimulation of wound healing is a major step in repairing damaged tissues,” he continued.

According to this scientist, the particular formulation of the bandage offers benefits beyond a hydrogel dressing. For example, it can stimulate protein production in the extracellular matrix and accelerate epithelialisation. It can also facilitate autolytic debridement, wound exudates management, and increase veil-formation in tissue.

Qafqazi says moisturizing the surface of the wound and antimicrobial effects are among other benefits of the dressing.

Regarding the price of this product he said it is about one-twentieth of the American sample and is similar in quality to that of the American and European samples.

He said many hospitals and prestigious medical centres are already using it in the country.

Qafqazi added the dressing is used in diabetic wounds, bed wounds, first and second degree burns, venous and vascular wounds, surgical and traumatic wounds, acute and chronic wounds as well as all kinds of scratches and cuts.

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