Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Minister: 90% of Iranians vaccinated against Covid-19

Iranian Health Minister Bahram Einollahi says 90 percent of the target population in Iran has received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine.

“Vaccination of people against the coronavirus in the Islamic Republic of Iran was a completely unique movement in the world and all people participated in it and gave their support. Today, about 90 percent of the target population has received one dose and about 79 percent has received two doses of the vaccine,” the health minister said in a ceremony honoring health workers and others involved in the battle against the respiratory disease.

Einollaho lauded the sacrifices and endeavors of Iranian health workers since the beginning of the outbreak two years ago.

“While many were staying at home and fleeing from the coronavirus, the medical community stood up to the virus day and night, and to date, more than 200 health workers have lost their lives…and a number of medical staff and their family members have died because they transmitted the virus to their loved ones,” the health minister stated.

Iran has been hit hard by several waves of the disease, but has recently managed to contain the outbreak all thanks to an intensified national vaccination campaign and the people welcoming the it.

Health authorities are now urging people to get a third dose as they try to avoid another wave.

Official figures show nearly 132,000 people in Iran have so far lost their lives to the coronavirus.

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