Friday, June 14, 2024

Military chief: US, Israel know Iran can’t be defeated, no longer speak of ‘military option’

Iran’s military chief highlights the country’s fruitful efforts in consolidating its military might, saying the US and the Israeli regime have, thanks to that strength, concluded that they cannot beat the Islamic Republic militarily, especially in ground warfare.

During the inspection of a military base, Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces General Mohammad Bagheri said the enemies of Iran “have no longer been talking about a military option for several years.”

He said the Iranian military had “reached lasting deterrence and efficiency, and we have had [our capabilities] under constant watch.

“Especially when it comes to ground warfare, the global hegemony, criminal America, the Zionist regime and other enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran have drawn the conclusion that any ground war with the Islamic Republic would bring nothing but defeat and harm. They have thus changed their minds,” said the top commander.

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