Medicinal Herbs: An Effective Treatment for Migraine

Medicinal herbs are an effective alternative for chemical drugs to prevent and reduce the effects of migraine.

Migraine has different symptoms such as headache, eyesight disorders, nausea, digestive disorders, sensitivity to light and sound, etc., each of which can disrupt the day-to-day lives of sufferers from migraine. Therefore, the treatment of migraine is of great significance and is regarded as a major concern for those afflicted by it. With the advancement of the pharmaceutics industry and science, it has now become possible to effectively use medicinal herbs to treat migraine.

Migraine, which emanates from genetic and environmental causes, usually takes a few hours or even a few days. Migraine is caused by a disorder inside blood vessels in the brain. It is not exactly clear how the disorder is caused. Migraine is said to have genetic causes in many cases. Of course, environmental factors contribute to the development or intensification of migraine. Among the factors contributing to the development of migraine are hormone changes, hunger, smelling strong perfumes, the smell of tobacco, insufficient sleep, stress, waves and light, sudden stop in taking caffeine, being in noisy places, drinking alcoholic beverages and being allergic to food.

If the above-mentioned environmental factors are avoided, migraine could be prevented to a great extent. However, using the existing medications is an effective way to treat migraine. Nevertheless, taking painkillers or other migraine medicines for a long time can have harmful side effects such as sleepiness, severe headaches, depressions and vertigo. While chemical drugs have side effects, herbal medicines can be used as good painkillers for migraine without being harmful.

In recent years, the therapeutic effects of some medicinal herbs to treat migraine have been confirmed. Some medicinal herbs have hit the market as well. One such product is the migraine spray which is made up of herbs such as lavender, violet, fennel, etc., whose therapeutic effect have been proven in clinical studies. The feverfew syrup (tanacetum) also prevents the occurrence of migraine to a great extent. Peppermint is another herb used to treat migraine. It contains menthol, which helps reduce the effects of migraine by improving blood circulation. Peppermint oil or peppermint tea can easily be used to reduce migraine pain.



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