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Magnificent Iran; Khormiz castle in Yazd

Khormiz is a very beautiful old castle in Mehriz, Yazd, which until a hundred years ago was the residence of the people of that area and protected them against the invaders.

On the left side of the castle, there is a square stone well with a depth of 15 meters that provided the water needed for those in the castle.

Khormiz Castle is a structure constructed with sun-dried brick and stone. It dates back to more than 1,600 years ago. It belongs to the Sassanid period.

The castle is 5 meters tall and located on a cliff in Khormiz village in the Shirkuh mountain range.

Khormiz Mehriz Castle has been registered on the list of Iran’s national monuments. This castle is in good condition compared to others in the area, and is very unique in this respect.

According to most archaeologists, Khormiz Castle is a small model of the old citadel of Bam. Khormiz remained in use until about 15 years ago.

Khormiz Castle has a central and main space, water storage, entrance door that opens and closes vertically, 6 watchtowers with 3 floors with beautiful exterior decorations, etc.

Of these 6 towers, four towers are in the four corners. Each of these towers is 6 meters tall.

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