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Laton Waterfall; Highest of Its Kind in Iran

Laton waterfall, located in Gilan province in north of the country, is the tallest waterfall of Iran measuring 105 metres in height.

The Laton Waterfall lies 15 kilometres south of the border town of Astara; and 6 kilometres from the Kootah-Koomeh village in Lavandil town, Gilan province.

Just 10 metres from Laton lies another waterfall which is 65 meters high. It is wider than Laton with a larger flow of water.

The Laton Waterfall originates from the fabulous Kootah-Koomeh village. It is a five-hour hike to get there.

On the path to the waterfall one can see forest hills and the river which is the origin of Laton. The end part of the path, especially the spot between the two waterfalls, is studded with dangerous precipices.

Apricot, quince, pear, walnut, hazelnut, wild apple and plum trees can be seen around the Laton Water fall in different seasons.

The fauna of that area is also noticeable as animals such as wolves, bears, porcupines and raccoons can be found there. Locals also keep horses, cows and sheep.

The waterfall originates from the eastern slopes of the Spinas Mountain. It flows into the Lavandil River which, itself, originates from the Spinas Mountain and is 17 km long.

Then the waterfall moves along at a sharp slope towards the Kooah-Koomeh village and the town of Lavandil before finally flowing into the Caspian Sea.

The amount of water flowing into the Laton Waterfall differs at different times of year, but water keeps flowing through it all year round. The Spinas Castle also lies on top of the Laton Waterfall.

What follows are photos of the beautiful waterfall retrieved from various sources:

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