Sunday, October 2, 2022

‘Knowledge-Based Firms Make Iran Exporter of Coronavirus-Related Items’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has praised the domestic knowledge-based companies for their significant contribution to the fight against COVID-19, saying their innovative ideas have transformed Iran into an exporter of the coronavirus-related products.

Addressing a Tuesday meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, President Rouhani expressed gratitude to the local scientific centers, universities, and knowledge-based enterprises for developing innovative ideas that have prevented a halt to domestic production amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

“Under such difficult conditions, the new ideas of the knowledge-based centers turned Iran into a powerful exporter of certain new products,” the president added.

He also paid tribute to all Iranian individuals in the health, medical, security, and economic sectors for assisting people and the country in the battle with coronavirus.

President Rouhani also praised Iranians for their stellar efforts, resistance and fortitude in dealing with the foreign sanctions and pressures, saying the country has continued to make progress despite a cut in revenues caused by the sanctions and the coronavirus outbreak.

While the entire world is facing tough conditions and the statistics show that economies have shrunk after the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, Iran has managed to revive non-oil exports in many sectors, has gradually reopened border-crossings, and continues to improve the situation step by step, the president noted.

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