Friday, February 23, 2024

Kish-Tehran flight makes emergency landing due to technical glitch

An Iranian passenger plane en route from the Persian Gulf Island of Kish to the capital, Tehran, made an emergency landing halfway due to a technical fault in the aircraft’s fuel delivery system.

Hassan Rezaei-far, the director general of Accident Investigation at Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization, said on Wednesday that Flight 5713 followed standard procedure making the emergency landing at Esfahan Airport on Tuesday night because of a fuel delivery glitch.

None of the 174 passengers and crew on board the plane was harmed. They were later transported to Tehran on board a substitute aircraft.

Iran is under stringent US and international sanctions, including on its aviation industry, which have hindered not only Iran’s ability to purchase new aircraft but also to access spare parts. Iran has been striving to keep its aging fleet operational despite the sanctions, though

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